Overcoming Excessive Sweat

Are you the easy type of person to sweat? You may have certain health problems such as hyperhidrosis. You can also easily nervous and stressed so often appears excessive sweating. hiperidrose Whatever the reason, excessive sweating is very disturbing and makes no confidence. Do not worry, here are some ways you can do to overcome them.


– Avoid spicy foods
Do you like to eat spicy food? We recommend starting now limit the consumption of spicy foods that can increase the production of excessive perspiration. Especially if you’re nervous, stressed, or anxious.

– Choose loose clothing
The tight clothes will make the body and skin difficult to “breathe”. So, should choose clothes that fit or slightly loose in the body. Especially if you have to wear several layers of clothes.

– See a doctor
If the various ways above do not manage to overcome the excessive sweating, you may need treatment from a doctor such as surgery, botox, or taking special medicines that have been prescribed for you. Or you can visit our website and get the best hiperidrose tratamento.